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Why Do I Do Weddings? ~Atlanta Wedding Planner~

Updated: Mar 11

I’ve been a certified wedding planner since 2016. It’s May, 2020 and I think I just realized WHY I do weddings. There is something about the wedding day. It’s more than just the love shared between the bride and groom. It is more than flowers and perfectly fitted dresses, delicious food and a party… It’s the LOVE shared between everyone. It’s not just a day when two become one. It’s a day where so much love is shared between families and friends and for just a few hours of your life everyone is on the same page and they are all FOR YOU! It is MAGICAL! It’s the time when people you have loved from various times of your life are all in the same place at the same time. A wedding day is a day unlike no other. There is no doing it twice. There’s no ughh, I’m not really feeling it today. It is THAT DAY! And there is so much joy to being a part of that day in someone’s life. My couples are strangers to me when we meet and I’ve never been quite sure why they hire me when they do but I am always so grateful. It has never been about money or just a job to me. I delight in their joy on their day and I want it to be as perfect as they want it! I take it personally. Weddings literally give me life and being there and able to give whatever it takes, knowing I have the knowhow and connections needed just in case…it makes me feel good.

That’s why I do weddings.

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