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You're Engaged! Now What?

Congratulations! You're getting married! Now what?!?

Brides, I've been there. I already know- you're ready to start planning! You're daydreaming about the vision, the date, the dress...literally everything! So where do you begin? It's easy- Hire a PROFESSIONAL wedding planner. Your cousin, mother, brother, or best friend will not do. Trust me, it's a lot of work (that they likely have no experience with) and your friends and family will want to be enjoying the day with you!

planner at wedding
Alicia Kay assisting Bride & Mother of the Bride

But why? It's easy, we know what to do, we know what to expect, we have connections and most importantly, we can save you money! I like to start by getting a good idea of exactly what you want and your budget. From there, I can refer you to venues that will suit you well. Then we dive into hiring the rest of the vendors. I have excellent relationships with many vendors in Atlanta (some of which provide Finally Forever discounts!) With hundreds of weddings under my belt, I know who is who, who is good, who isn't, and what to expect from and look forward to from the vendors you need. I offer my clients discounted prices on wedding decor, photo booths, and other must-have items to help save them even more.

Although planning can seem exciting at first, that excitement can turn into stress if you don't have a planner to keep everything organized and inform you of what to expect. The details, the timeline, and the unforeseen challenges are a part of the planning process, and having an expert to help you navigate through is essential. Logistics and problem-solving skills are a must-have and you deserve personalized guidance- this will be one of the biggest days of your life!

Lastly, your planner will get to know you throughout the planning process. This helps me tremendously on the wedding day. I read people well and it

helps me make last-minute decisions that arise on the day of. We have so many conversations and I lock in on comments you's crucial. You are not there while your vendors are setting up, but I will be and I am keeping all of your wishes in the back of my mind, acting as your representative.

So, You're Engaged! Now What? Your wedding planner should be the first person you hire and will likely be the last person standing in the room after everyone has cleared on the day of your event. We spend countless hours working on every detail regarding your event, we dream about your wedding just like you do! Your wedding is also our wedding. It matters! Make it great!

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